Why buy from a member of

The Alberta Floor Covering Association?


Building a relationship with customers is the pride of every business owner.

So how do AFCA members accomplish that?


  • Professional Staff

Member retail and commercial dealers of The Alberta Floor Covering Association take pride in their professional service. Sales personnel are familiar with the products on display. Installation crews are trained and experienced.  All support staff have a customer friendly attitude.

  • Manufacturer Support

The products displayed and sold in member stores have the full backing of the manufacturer in writing. The products you purchase will have manufacturer warranties coupled with an installation warranty from the dealer.

  • After Sales Service

Member companies provide a full range of services that consumers depend on for their floor covering maintenance.  Cleaning products and advice, maintenance guidelines and warranty/damage repairs are all part of the service provided by AFCA members.

  • Independent Inspection Service

In the event a dispute arises between one of our members and their customer that requires third party involvement, The Alberta Floor Covering Association provides an unbiased inspection service for a fee.  A committee of two to three industry representatives (all independent of the member and product involved) will visit the site of the installation and provide a written report which is binding on both parties.

  • Industry Standards

It is our members’ objective to ensure that the product and installation you receive meet or succeeds industry standards.


Why buy from a member company? Because it only makes sense to deal with professionals who care as much about what you are walking on as you do!