Dispute resolution - Flooring Inspections



The AFCA serves as an independent third party specializing in residential & commercial flooring inspection and dispute resolution services. We assist consumers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, builders, businesses, restoration companies, insurance companies & contractors identify various flooring performance and /or installation problems, and provide a solution.

The Participants

The Alberta Floor Covering Association 1979 (AFCA) has a consumer services committee comprised of floor covering industry experts that volunteer to perform floor covering and related construction inspections on behalf of :

a) AFCA Members

b) Consumers who do business with AFCA members

c) Consumers who do business with non AFCA members

d) Non AFCA-member flooring companies, builders, manufacturers, distributors, contractors, insurance companies and architects who contracted with a non member store, installation company or installer.

The Process

  • A Request For Inspection Form is received with payment by the AFCA office from the requesting party.

  • If a member store is involved, then the member store will be requested to complete an AFCA Member Inspection Information Form.

  • The office forwards the completed Request for Inspection Form and if applicable, the Member Inspection Information Form to the AFCA Inspection Coordinator.

  • The AFCA Inspection Coordinator dispatches three independent inspectors to examine the floor in question. If possible there will be:

- One inspector representing the retail sector

- One inspector representing the manufacturing/distribution sector

- One inspector representing the installation sector

  • The inspector coordinator reviews and discusses the findings with each of the Assisting Inspectors.

  • The Inspection Coordinator Compiles the findings of the Assisting inspectors into the AFCA Inspectors Report and forwards it to the AFCA office..

  • The AFCA office forwards the AFCA Inspector’s Report to the paying party (client).



The AFCA Inspector’s Report shall not be disclosed to any party other than the client for a period of thirty days after the client receives the report. After the thirty day period any of the parties involved may receive a copy of the report if they request it. The terms of the disclosure policy are contained on the request for inspection form.


  • AFCA inspectors are floor covering professionals with vast knowledge who have no connection with the flooring being examined. They are not there as members of the firms for whom they work, but as volunteer inspectors of the AFCA.

  • The Volunteer inspector’s role is to view the floor in question and submit a written report analyzing if the product is performing to specification, if the installation meets the industry standard, to assess responsibility for deficiencies if there are any and to make recommendations to bring a floor to standard.

  • In the event that an inspector has any personal or professional connection with the people or the product being examined, they are expected to advise the AFCA Inspection Coordinator and another inspector will be assigned. Also, in the event that the inspector expects to be providing any service related to or as a result of the inspection to the client they are to advise the Inspection Coordinator and another inspector will be assigned.

  • The identities of the inspectors will not be disclosed to any of the parties.

Scope & Method

AFCA inspections are focused to determine two main factors and are of a non-destructive nature:

a) If the product is performing the way it should and according to its specifications.

b) If the installation meets the industry standard.

*Inspectors cannot lift flooring to examine an installation or the product. However, they can witness this process and report on the findings.

**All hardwood inspections are conducted from a standing position.

*** The AFCA does not have a laboratory. Any testing that may require the services of an outside lab must be arranged independently and is the responsibility of the requesting party.




All volunteer inspectors are expected to notify the AFCA Inspections Coordinator if there is any conflict of interest that applies or that may apply related to any inspection that they are assigned to perform. In such a case another inspector will be assigned.


The cost of an inspection is:

a) $150.00 + GST to members, insurance companies, builders, architects and consumers who did business with an AFCA member. (Whenever a member has done the work.)

b) $300.00 + GST to consumers, insurance companies, builders, architects who did business with a non-member of the AFCA and non-member stores.

c) Travel costs will be charged at $.50 per kilometer when the site is outside of Calgary or Edmonton. Mileage is charged from the city closest to the inspection site – Edmonton or Calgary. Hotel and meal charges will be assessed when applicable.


  • AFCA floor covering inspections are designed to assist all parties in resolving disputes fairly without incurring the legal fees, court costs and lengthy delays normally associated with civil litigation.

  • AFCA Members and member customers agree to abide by the findings of the AFCA Inspection Report prior to the inspection.

  • Non members or non-member’s customers may wish to pursue court action. In such cases AFCA inspection reports may be used in court if necessary, but inspectors will not appear, nor will their identities be disclosed.

For further information or to initiate an inspection, please contact our office.