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Floorcovering businesses across the country are no strangers to the serious issue of an aging workforce approaching retirement combined with a serious shortage of properly trained individuals to take their place. It is affecting all sectors of the flooring industry including manufacturers and distributors. The hardest hit are flooring shops – in their sales and estimating departments and most severely in their installation departments.


A crucial part of any flooring sale is the installation. Properly trained and professional installation crews can make the difference on any flooring job. A poorly installed floor looks bad for the installer, the shop, the supplier, and the manufacturer. Ever increasing types of flooring products, specialty adhesives, and installation methods combined with tougher environmental and improved safety regulations have increased the need for qualified journeymen and women in the floorcovering trade. One of the best marketing tools you can use to set yourself apart from your competitors is your installers. In most cases, the products are available to every shop. What sets your shop apart from the rest is your service and installation. Many customers do not know that Floor Covering Installer is a recognized trade. If you educate your customers and point out that your installers are certified, your customer will feel much more confident with your company. It’s a symbiotic relationship; your installers can bring you repeat sales and glowing recommendations, and you can provide your installers with more work. Everyone wins!


In an effort to maintain quality installations and avert the looming shortage of trained installation mechanics, the Alberta Floor Covering Association continues to support the Alberta Apprenticeship Program for the Floorcovering Trade. This provincially funded training program provides classroom training for Floorcovering apprentices which leads them to obtaining an Alberta Journeyperson’s certification as well as the opportunity to obtain the Interprovincial Red Seal designation in the trade. The Alberta Floor Covering Association believes that offering post-secondary education in the flooring industry not only attracts more young people to our trade and improves the quality of installations but also raises the stature of the industry in the eyes of the consumer.


Also available is the Journeyperson Qualification Program, where installers with many years of experience are able to challenge the Provincial exam and obtain their Alberta Journeyman’s Certificate.


For further information on the Floorcovering Apprenticeship Training Program visit the Tradesecrets website


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