Are you considering purchasing a new floor?


Purchasing flooring for a residential or commercial application can be a big decision and perhaps a somewhat daunting one. Flooring is generally a larger ticket item and there are many choices available. Your purchase is affected by a variety of factors – lifestyle, décor, geography, and price just to name a few.


Before you make your purchase, you should consider the following:

  • your budget

  • your décor

  • the furnishings that will be in the room(s)

  • the mood you are hoping to achieve

  • your preferences of products

  • the amount and type of traffic the room(s) will have

  • how much maintenance you are prepared to do

  • how long you expect the floor to last

  • how much moisture and humidity the floor will be exposed to

  • whether or not there will be radiant heat


When choosing flooring, select a store where they make you feel comfortable, and where the staff is knowledgeable. Their sales representative should ask you several questions and not make you feel rushed in making a decision.

Ensure you provide the sales person with all of the information they require to assist you in selecting the product(s) best for you. They will need to know all of the information listed above, as well as if you have pets, or any special circumstances i.e. if there will be wheelchair traffic, if the home will be vacant for extended periods of time, if family members have allergies, asthma, etc.


Before making your final decision, you should have the following information:

  • Payment terms (deposit and balance)

  • Maintenance requirements

  • Warranty details for the product(s) and installation

  • Who you address warranty issues with should they arise– the store or the manufacturer directly

  • Details as to what is included in the price, and what additional costs may arise.


The quoted price may or may not include:

  • Measuring of the job

  • Subfloor preparation

  • Underlayment

  • Removal and disposal of the existing flooring

  • The moving of furniture

  • Removing and re-attaching baseboards

  • Delivery of materials

  • Installation of materials

  • Mileage charges

  • Removal and replacement of toilets, dishwashers, etc.

  • Any additional materials required – levelling compounds, sealers, vapor barriers, transition strips, mouldings etc.


Ask as many questions as you need to so you understand the product and how the installation will proceed. It’s best to not have surprises come up after the fact.


Discuss the timeline with the store;

  • When the product will be available

  • When the product will be delivered to the site

  • What your responsibilities are after it has been delivered

  • When installation will commence

  • Approximately how long the installation will take


Once the product is delivered and installed, your responsibilities as the owner of a new floor commence. Refer to the care and maintenance procedures for the product you selected and follow them so you don’t void your warranty or cause the new flooring to fail. If cleaning staff will be maintaining the floor rather than yourself, make sure to provide them with this information as well, and prepare a cleaning schedule. The manufacturers and distributors know best what products work and are safe to use on their materials – non recommended products may cause damage to your flooring. Care and maintenance includes cleaning products, cleaning equipment, cleaning schedules, and every day environment (temperature, relative humidity, and exposure to direct sunlight).

If any negative situations arise after installation, contact the store where you purchased it as soon as possible. The longer flooring waits for remedial service (if it is necessary), the more permanent or extensive the damage may become.


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